Web Design Trends Are Surprisingly Becoming More Popular This 2021

Linda J. Dodson
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We all know how challenging (and dreadful) the year 2020 was, especially when you look at it from a health, economic and social standpoint. With all that lockdowns and restrictions, perhaps the only shining light of 202 was the boom in e-commerce and Internet shopping, as more people were forced to buy their provisions online! However, we should see conditions improve this 2021, as vaccination drives ramp up and the economy is starting to recover. Now, if you haven’t boosted your online presence yet, I guess this should be a good time to catch up. But, before doing that, learn more about the web design trends that are surprisingly becoming popular this year. 

Modern Minimalism

Whether you’ve got an e-commerce website already, or you’re still pondering on setting up one for your business, most website design Brisbane experts suggest that it would be nice if you apply the principles of “modern minimalism” in your web design endeavor! 

Not only will modern minimalism be pleasing to look at from an aesthetic standpoint, but with this web design approach there’ll be no flashy features to distract site visitors from achieving their goal of finding more information, making a purchase or booking an appointment etc. It’s also easy for users to find relevant information on websites that espouse modern minimalism.

Non-Traditional Scrolling

Our seasoned website design Brisbane professionals also added that non-traditional scrolling helps to fully engage audiences, and to provide a mor eunique user experience. For the uninformed, the typical website scrolling experience is of course, vertical. 

And, combined with high-quality product photography, elegant illustrations and animated typography, non-traditional scrolling should catch the attention of more online users, while remaining simple and functional!

Large Attention-Grabbing Titles

In our stress-filled and truly fast-paced societies, internet users have now seemed to have lesser and lesser time to spend on websites. For this distressing reason, website design Brisbane  is adapting and including large, bold titles and shortened messaging to capture online audiences much quicker, as well as decrease the time needed to convert online prospects into customers.   

Designs With Depth & Dimensions

Many website design Brisbane are also developing websites that are full of drop shadows and varying colors to add depth and give websites a more complex (yet appealing) look. A number of websites feature flat designs which appear 3-dimensional, are more visually appealing, and are effective at leading users to the next step of the sales process.

Dynamic Landing Pages

Many of today’s modern website design Brisbane examples utilize dynamic, responsive landing pages. As keeping online users engaged on a simple, static landing page is quite hard, today’s web designers are adding responsive web elements like animation and interactive features which can keep visitors engaged on a website longer.

Shapes & Abstract Designs

This year, arbitrary shapes and abstract designs will continue to have a strong and formidable presence in websites. You may think that basic shapes are just too basic to be considered as design elements on their own right.

However, these basic forms can actually act as small visual accessories. For example, simple shapes can be pinned to your screen, or utilized as a background in order to add a refreshing splash of color or create balance, frame content and help your text sstand out.

And abstract illustrations are still considered to be in vogue right now in the world of web design. But, by conceiving your own abstract compositions and adding it to your website, you can effectively strengthen your product or service’s unique identity.


Animation has constantly been a popular feature of web design in the recent years, and it’s here to stay too. Well, that’s a very good thing because the possibilities of website animation just keep getting better.

Animation also turns the user experience into much more than simply scrolling for information. From an animated line or text to a full-pledged animated background, these amazing effects can work on your website to catch the eye of online users, and make a striking impression.

While a website owner’s objective might just be purely aesthetic, they should keep in mind ways that animation can also entice online users to take certain actions, and draw their attention to exactly where they want it to be.

For example, if you apply trigger animation (which is when a user’s action can alter the appearance of an element, and change details like color, shape or speed) to a call-to-action button, the chances of a user clicking on it will go up because the user is intrigued by its striking behavior and appearance.

Black & Pastel Colors

Who says black and pastel colors are no longer cool during these high-tech times? Well, they’re still going to be popular this year, as the muted effect of pastel tones provides site visitors with a delicate (and a cool old-world) experience. And since there are a lot of hue variations in th epastel family, you’ll likely have no trouble in mixing together color combinations that are unique to your website.


According to website user experience experts, accessibility refers to the practice of making websites usable for as many people as possible.More than just a trend, designing a website that persons with disabilities can navigate is a sign of good customer service. In fact, nearly a billion people worldwide rely on accessibility features to navigate the Internet!

Asking someone, anyone to buy something from your website is definitely a tall order, especially during these tough economic times due to COVID-19. But, if they have no reason to trust you, and your website’s aesthetics and design elements suck too (pardon me for the pun), then it’s going to be impossible for you to convert them.

I hope the various trends, and new approaches to website design will guide you towards comprehensivelly creating an amazing, and truly responsive website this 2021! Cheers!

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