Why You Should Take A Per Diem Assignment?Here are the Reasons Why

Linda J. Dodson

Best Nursing Jobs | 6 Reasons to Choose Per Diem Nursing

More and more nurses are taking per diem assignments since there are several advantages of being a per diem nurse. So if you are a nurse, ask yourself why you should take a per diem assignment? Here are the reasons why. To make you understand more and know why per diem nurses can be a good start for you to have a work and life balance. 

Reasons Why You Should Take A Per Diem Assignment

More Flexible Schedule 

Regular nurses have a fixed schedule they have to follow which gives them a hectic schedule. As a per diem nurse, the schedule is not fixed and you can manage your own schedule since you can accept as many assignments as you want and decline if you think the schedule doesn’t fit your plan. By having a flexible schedule you can plan your year when to work and when to take a rest. This is one of the reasons why nurses are into per diem jobs. This type of schedule is not possible for regular nursing jobs.  

More Opportunity to Grow Professionally and Personally

Per diem nurses get more exposure to different medical facilities, different co-workers, and different patients. With the exposure they get, they can enhance their present skills plus earn more skills since they are assigned to different departments. As a nurse, getting exposed to a different environment can give you an opportunity to grow your professional skills as well as your attitude towards other people as an individual. Per diem nurses can be assigned to different locations too and this can teach them about the culture in other places and how medical facilities run there. More experience the better. Medical facilities prefer nurses who have more experience since they can rely on them to get immediate onboarding when they are needed. 

Higher Hourly Rates 

For per diem nurses the hurley rate is higher since they are not regular employees they are paid higher to compensate for the benefits they are not given. Plus experience, location, and specialization can increase their pay. Different skills are in demand now, and if they have specialization then medical facilities offer higher hourly rates. 

More Job Availability

When working under a staffing agency per diem nurses get more job offers. So they can grab as many assignments as they have, making them earn more than regular nurses do. Some regular nurses even take per diem nursing jobs as long as it won’t conflict with their regular work schedule. Plus per diem nurses are allowed to work with more than one staffing agency which means they can get more job opportunities as long as they can manage their working schedule properly.  

Opportunity to Advance your Career 

As you get assigned to different medical facilities you will be meeting potential employers that offer a regular higher paying job. It will be up to you to accept it or continue your journey as a per diem nurse to look for more opportunities. As you meet several people while working as a per diem nurse they will serve as your potential connections in the future just in case you want to get a permanent job in that medical facility. You can also earn experience and skills as you work as a per diem nurse. Since you can get more exposure and this will serve as your training ground in enhancing your present skills and even a good way to get specialization as a nurse. 

Having Health benefits Despite not being a Regular Nurse 

Insurances such as medical and dental care are given to per diem nurses. They may be assigned for a short time to medical facilities but they are covered by insurance. Since insurances serve as protection for staffing agencies as well as for their nurses. 


So why should you take a per diem assignment? Here are the reasons why and all you have to do is use them as your guide and you start your journey as a per diem nurse. You will be facing some adjustments but you will soon get used to it and your staffing agency will be assisting you in any way they can to make your job more convenient. So look for the best nurse staffing agency near your place and visit them now to start your per diem nursing job.

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