Singapore safe election rules strip opposition of crucial weapon

SINGAPORE — Coronavirus safety measures for Singapore’s upcoming general election will put the ruling party’s rivals at a disadvantage, opposition and human rights groups warned on Thursday, as the city-state announced its official campaign guidelines.

“Holding an election during the COVID-19 pandemic could worsen an election that is already not free,” ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights, a group of regional lawmakers, wrote in a report.

Singapore is gearing up for the election as it emerges from virus shutdown mode. More businesses and social facilities will be allowed to reopen this Friday, including retailers, dine-in restaurants and parks. Although the polling

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Indonesia tops Singapore as Southeast Asia’s COVID-19 hot spot

JAKARTA — Indonesia has once again become Southeast Asia’s COVID-19 hot spot, overtaking Singapore in terms of cumulative cases on Wednesday.

The region’s biggest economy reported an additional 1,031 infections, bringing its total to 41,431, while Singapore saw its figure rise to 41,216. Indonesia has seen an average of around 880 daily cases since early June, and now has the most confirmed cases in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia wants to gradually return to normal to shore up the flagging economy, but experts have warned that it may be premature to reopen as the virus has not yet been contained. The country

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Singapore says virus ‘under control’ as reopening hits phase 2

SINGAPORE — Singapore said Monday it will proceed with plans to reopen most of its economy and allow stores to resume business Friday as the country further eases coronavirus restrictions.

Social gatherings of up to five people will be allowed, and restaurants will be able to accept dine-in guests.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise in the city-state, topping 40,000 with a daily increase of around 400. While virus transmission has been rampant in the tightly packed housing for migrant workers, the government has based its decision to ease restrictions mainly on cases among locals, which have been relatively low.


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Singapore stress levels show working from home is no holiday

SINGAPORE — The emails come at 9 p.m., and Claire Ng feels obliged to respond right away. The 29-year-old communications executive in Singapore has been putting up with this for months, since the government urged telecommuting as a coronavirus safety measure.

She used to clock off at 6 p.m. most evenings. But now she feels like her superiors expect staff members to be on call round-the-clock.

“The bosses think that I can work anytime, as I am stuck at home,” Ng said. “On weekends and public holidays, I am also expected to do work for the same reason. Most of

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