Six cheap stocks set to thrive over the next 12 months

Over the next year, life in Britain will slowly return to normal, with shops opening, sporting events kicking off, and pent up spending unleashed.

It will not be a clean transition to normality but investors looking ahead at the sectors primed to thrive again, and even expand their market share, could be rewarded by picking the winners now before the crowd catches on.

Telegraph Money asked professional stock pickers which companies would perform best over a one-year period as lockdown goes from a gradual easing to being fully lifted. 

This is Part Two in a series looking at which stocks

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Four cheap and easy things you can do in lockdown to save money in the future

The lockdown enforced to combat the spread of Covid-19 and the effect it has had on jobs has been tough on people’s finances. With businesses shut, many workers have been made redundant or placed into the Government’s furlough scheme, which pays 80pc of a salary up to £2,500 a month. 

A smaller income – plus a bit of time on their hands – might be the impetus for people to tidy up their finances. Small changes can make a large difference. 

Here are four simple, cheap ways people in lockdown can cut their bills and save money.

At-home energy improvements

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Will Apple’s new iPhone SE kill cheap Chinese smartphones?

TOKYO — Apple released its low-cost iPhone SE last month, in an attempt to win market share from Chinese rivals. Nikkei has analyzed the SE to find out how Apple has managed to develop this low-priced model that punches much above its weight.

Apple has splurged on a core processor and some communication parts for the SE model, but other components, including its liquid crystal display and battery, are nearly the same as its iPhone 8. It can be said that the iPhone SE is “a family car equipped with a supercar’s engine,” as the company shifts its strategy from

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