Companies under pressure over historic slave trade profits

Tate & Lyle Sugars outlines in detail online the steps it takes to make sure that no workers being trafficked or coerced are being used to make the sugar that sweetens countless British cups of tea.

In a section of its website on “modern slavery”, the popular brand sets out its work with smallholders in Belize and ship-owners that transport its goods across the Atlantic.

There is no mention, however, of British sugar industry’s historic deep ties with slavery.  

Henry Tate and Abram Lyle had not yet founded their companies when Britain abolished slavery. Yet University College London researchers argue

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Nine Japanese auto companies to unite on FTA benefit procedures

TOKYO — Toyota Motor, Honda Motor, Denso and six other Japanese automotive companies will cooperate in applying for reduced tariffs under free trade agreements Japan has signed with other countries and territories, Nikkei has learned.

Exports to economies which have free trade or economic partnership agreements with Japan are qualified for reduced tariffs under specific conditions, but the research required to apply can take as long as 11 months, thus delaying the start of the benefits and costing companies money.

By introducing a unified application system, the auto and parts makers are aiming to shorten the process to about seven

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Companies with a checkered history must resist toppling by the mob

In truth, the giant corporations that came out of the 19th century were nearly all involved in slavery, colonialism or empire in one way or another. It was impossible not to be.

That was the way the world was, and it was certainly the way business was done, and money was made. Today’s conglomerates may well have impeccable standards of diversity, and inclusiveness, but they have also inherited brands, technologies and market positions that were arguably created through force and oppression.

It is certainly legitimate to question that. And yet the woke mob is also often vengeful, intolerant and mindlessly

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US to allow companies to work with Huawei on 5G standards

PALO ALTO, U.S. — The U.S. Commerce Department announced on Monday that it will allow American companies to work with Huawei on setting standards for 5G networks despite Washington’s continuing crackdown on the Chinese company.

Since Huawei was placed on the U.S. entity list — a trade blacklist– in May 2019, American companies have been required to obtain a special license from the Commerce Department to have any business dealings with Huawei and its affiliates. This rule change allows companies to disclose U.S. technologies to the Chinese telecom giant without a license if it is for the purpose of 5G

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