Samsung-TSMC rivalry heats up as US cracks down on Huawei

SEOUL/TAIPEI — The rivalry between Samsung Electronics and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is intensifying as the latest U.S. ban on Huawei Technologies changes the landscape of the chip foundry business.

Samsung announced on Thursday that it is building new production lines in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, to mass produce 5-nanometer chips from the second half of next year. This follows production lines in Hwaseong, where Samsung aims to start producing the cutting-edge chips this year.

The two production lines will manufacture the chips using extreme ultraviolet technology, one of the most advanced chipmaking techniques currently available.

The announcement of the

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Up to 100,000 workers falling through furlough cracks

Meanwhile, low-paid waiters and bar staff who rely on tips as part of their regular income are also being short-changed by the scheme. 

The hospitality industry has been among those hit hardest by the shutdown, with four in five workers already furloughed by April 5 as cafés, restaurants and bars across the country were forced to close according to the ONS. 

Thousands of employees in the sector rely on ‘tronc’ – a special pay arrangement used by employers to distribute tips, gratuities and service charges to staff – for up to 40pc of their income.

But updated Government guidance this

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Coronavirus cracks open diplomatic doors for Taiwan in Europe

PRAGUE — The list of Taiwan’s formal diplomatic ties in Europe is short: It begins and ends with the Vatican.

But the coronavirus pandemic, which has underscored the island’s isolation and sparked an escalating feud with the World Health Organization, may be opening up some diplomatic opportunities for Taipei.

Earlier this month, Taiwan inked an official partnership with the Czech Republic on fighting COVID-19 — its first such arrangement. President Tsai Ing-wen’s government has also donated 7 million face masks to Europe, including 5.6 million to nine European Union states, earning an unusually high-profile thank you.

“The European Union thanks

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