Trump claims social media is run by the ‘radical left’, does he have a point?

According to Chloe Colliver, head of the digital research unit at the ISD think tank, the perceived political biases must be analysed on two fronts: the algorithms at the heart of social media firms and the people shaping the decisions.

There is not enough data, she says, to suggest the codes that determine which posts get flagged as egregious are inherently biased, though she recommends creating a sandbox in which these alogrithms can be tested. 

But things get more complicated when it comes to decision makers. “If you look at individual decisions being made on political leaders, the response by

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Public transport left in limbo as the nation gets on its bike

Among technologists, the sudden surge in pedestrianisation is vindication that bets on so-called micro-mobility companies – scooter and bicycle hire start-ups – could be about to pay off.

Micro in scope

Martin Mignot, partner at Index Ventures who have invested in companies such as scooter company Bird, says: “People have been rushing to buy scooters and e-bikes. That is only going to grow in the next three months. Most people in London don’t own a car. The only option is get on a bike or get on micro-mobility.”

Mignot says many of the trends were prevalent before lockdown, but with

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Beijing Diary: Foreign residents left behind as China reopens

The Chinese government is battling to contain the coronavirus outbreak that has infected tens of thousands and killed more than 4,000 people, while spreading worldwide. Nikkei’s bureau chief in China, Tetsushi Takahashi, is on the ground in the capital and is filing dispatches on what he sees.

Monday, May 18

Like it or not, I’m often reminded that I am a foreigner in Beijing — even more so after the coronavirus pandemic. It happened again when I visited the new Xiangshan Revolution Memorial Hall, on the city’s western outskirts, over the weekend.

Xiangshan, the site of a Qing dynasty summer

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Insurers ‘dragging their name through the dirt’ as thousands left without Covid-19 compensation

Faith in insurers could all but collapse as tens of thousands of people have been stuck in the middle while insurance firms and travel operators shirk responsibility to compensate people for cancelled trips.

Loose guidelines have allowed firms to pass the buck to each other and deny liability at the expense of innocent consumers.

Nearly all forms of international travel are at a standstill after the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advised against all non-essential trips. Anyone who has booked a package holiday is due a full refund from the operator. However, thanks to the backlog, Abta, the travel association,

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