Budweiser cuts beer prices based on St. Louis heat waves

Dive Brief:

  • Budweiser is running a Budweiser Chill Zone Giveaway social media promotion in St. Louis and will drop the price of beer and give away prizes based on the weather, according to details the company shared with Marketing Dive.
  • Every time the temperature hits 100 degrees or above in July, the Anheuser-Busch brew will award 25 social media followers in Missouri with prizes ranging from inflatable pools and lawn chairs to $20 gift cards for ice.
  • When the weather in St. Louis reaches surpasses 95 degrees, Budweiser will drop the price of its Bud Ice line by $1 for
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Inside the weird world of ‘Robinhood’ day traders sending some share prices crazy

Since then, Raytheon shares have fallen about 5pc. While Portnoy’s trade may not go down as one of history’s great investments, it epitomised a corner of the trading world that has gained increasing attention in recent weeks.

Portnoy – who became an internet celebrity after launching the Barstool Sports blog – has become the doyen of a new breed of day traders. Known as “Robinhood investors”, after the commission-free trading platform many use, they have received some blame – fairly and unfairly – for the wild market rally of recent months.

Congregating around online blogs and forums, these traders

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Cheese prices swing wildly as lockdown upends supply

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on one corner of global trade: the wholesale price for cheddar on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has fluctuated wildly. While mid-April saw a 40-pound block of cheddar hit a low of just $1 a pound, by June 9 the price had soared to $2.81 a pound – a record high.

Such volatility is extreme even for US cheddar, a commodity that has had its fair share of swings in the last two decades, and which is still traded in 10-minute daily bursts on the CME. But are these gyrations matched on the

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House prices may rise, but don’t take that as a sign of a healthy property market

GDP has crashed and the UK is on course to experience the worst recession for 300 years. More than one quarter of the working population is furloughed or has claimed universal credit as a result of the economic fallout of the pandemic.

But looking at the property market, you wouldn’t notice any of that. Rightmove, a property portal, reported that asking prices for homes are actually on average 1.9pc higher now than before the country went into lockdown. 

This tells us nothing at all about what will happen to house prices. But it does reveal the optimistic sentiment of sellers

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