Singapore wields legal power Japan lacks to force social distancing

SINGAPORE — Japan and Singapore both stepped up their coronavirus containment measures on Tuesday, aiming to dramatically reduce social contact between citizens. A vast gulf, however, separates them when it comes to enforcement and the consequences for those who defy the orders.

Singapore began a four-week period of restraint, during which nonessential workplaces and schools will be closed and residents will be expected to stay home as much as possible. An order implemented on Wednesday, based on a new law passed the day before, includes a ban on meeting friends and relatives.

“A person must not meet another individual not

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How working from home because of coronavirus could cost you more

The tens of thousands of employees who have recently switched to working from home are likely to see the effects reflected in their bank accounts next month.

The average Brit is saving approximately £55 each week by not socialising or doing leisure activities while in lockdown, according to research by price comparison site Workers also expect to cut down their spending by an extra £45 per week by not commuting or buying lunch. But are they right? 

Although some may make savings by not travelling to work, others are finding they forking out extra now that their home has

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Chinese e-learning king TAL Education admits inflated sales

HONG KONG — Online tutoring company TAL Education has admitted to inflating sales figures, joining a growing list of scandals linked to U.S.-listed Chinese companies and further hampering market confidence in the aftermath of Luckin Coffee’s $310 million fraud.

Beijing-based TAL said on Tuesday evening U.S. time that it discovered one employee had “wrongly inflated sales” of an educational program by forging contracts and other documentation. TAL did not reveal the exact figure of the fabricated sales but said the program at issue contributed roughly 4% of its total revenue in fiscal 2020.

Shares of the New York-listed company were

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can you also cancel BT Sport?

With millions of people across the country preparing to spend weeks at home, many will be relying on television to provide them with information and entertainment during the coronavirus crisis.

However, sports fans will have a limited choice of viewing as most of the world’s major sports leagues have announced that they will suspend their competitions to help limit the spread of the virus.

In football, the Premier League, Champions League, Football League and National League have all been placed on a hiatus. Other sports such as Formula 1, rugby union and rugby league have also halted their seasons. 


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