Day: May 3, 2020

Myanmar’s ethnic conflicts obstruct COVID-19 aid to minorities

YANGON — Myanmar’s numerous unresolved ethnic insurgencies have made a cohesive national response to the global COVID-19 pandemic virtually impossible.

Until this week, the government had little or no contact with over a dozen armed groups, many of which are ranged along the borders with China and Thailand. Dissident minorities have so far been largely left to develop their own responses to the pandemic.

Along Myanmar’s northern border with China, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) — the armed wing of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) — has been fighting Myanmar’s military since a 17-year ceasefire broke down in 2011.


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Normalcy eludes Bangkok after business lockdown eased

BANGKOK — The streets of Bangkok hardly returned to business as usual Sunday, the first day of relaxed COVID-19 restrictions imposed in late March for such establishments as restaurants and hair salons.

“We decided to resume our dine-in service from today, because commuters would probably eat here,” said Woranuch Rukchaiyaphum, shopkeeper at Thai noodle bowl stall Krua Kamrai Thong. Her shop is near the Victory Monument elevated-train station in central Bangkok. Many buses operate from nearby as well. It is an important commuting junction for Thais.

In front of her stall are five serving tables, each with an unusual divider

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How the coronavirus crisis sealed Big Tech’s domination

“To sum it up: the strong will get stronger,” says Sir Martin Sorrell, veteran advertising magnate who turned WPP from an obscure shopping basket maker into the world’s biggest ad group before being pushed out in 2018. His new, internet-focused company S4 Capital is also poised to benefit from what he describes as a forced leap forward in technological adoption driven by the digital equivalent of the old oil industry’s mighty “seven sisters”. 

“We’re seeing clients switch money into digital media,” Sir Martin elaborates. “If you just think about the data [tech firms] are accumulating, they will have a huge

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Billionaire entrepreneurs have a duty to protect staff

Q Should billionaire owners of a business such as Virgin Atlantic be reliant on Government bailouts – or should they dig deeper into their own pockets first?

A Entrepreneurs who spend their life building a successful business are entitled to retain a share of the profits, but they also have a duty to look after the colleagues who helped them along the way. 

Successful start-ups need inspirational leaders who, in the early days, are willing to invest all their time and money to build a profitable enterprise. If they’re lucky and wise enough to become, in time, the sole or

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