Day: May 9, 2020

Germany is flexing its muscles to leave euro in jeopardy

An easy-to-miss court ruling this week in Germany could have profound implications for the future of the eurozone

The Bank of England predicted a V-shaped “bounce back”, US-China trade relations marginally improved and Rory Stewart dropped out of the London Mayoral race. Plus, of course, we celebrated (albeit in lockdown) the 75th anniversary of VE day.

Future historians of last week may focus instead, though, on a seemingly obscure decision made in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg. Germany’s top court, quietly but with resolve, finally squared up to the European Union’s Brussels-based technocracy.

The constitutional court ruled that, by purchasing more than €2.2 

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Malaysia factories spring back to life for Japanese electronics

OSAKA/TOKYO — Sharp, Sony and Panasonic have restarted production lines in Malaysia after the country eased restrictions that placed an important exporting hub on lockdown.

Because the plant stoppages delayed global exports of consumer electronics, the three Japanese companies are hurrying to restore normal production amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sharp’s television factory in the southern state of Johor returned to full capacity on Monday, the same day the Malaysian government allowed the resumption of most economic activity.

Such moves restore a key link in the Japanese electronics industry’s supply chain. Malaysia supplies both components for other factories and finished products

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Kawasaki disease symptoms observed in coronavirus-infected children

NEW YORK/TOKYO — The U.S., U.K., France and other Western countries are facing a rise in the number of children who test positive for the new coronavirus and show Kawasaki disease symptoms.

Kawasaki disease triggers inflammation in children’s blood vessels and, early after onset, brings about a high fever. It can also lead to long-term heart problems, including heart attacks. Named after a physician, its cause remains unknown more than 50 years after it was first noticed.

In the U.S. state of New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday revealed that 73 children who have been confirmed with the virus

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The medical professions were in manga before they were in the news

TOKYO — Over the years, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical practitioners who protect our lives and health have been depicted in manga. Following is a list of 10 medical manga from the 2000s, put together now that many of us are taking an interest in those who have put themselves on the frontline in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The summary of each comic is followed by (1) name(s) of author, (2) publisher, (3) number of published volumes and (4) price of the latest volume (price plus tax).

Tomei na Yurikago (An Invisible Cradle)

Bakka, a third-year high

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