Day: May 16, 2020

Insurers have become the villains of the Covid-19 crisis

As insurance prices fell over the course of almost two decades, so did standards of care in underwriting as insurers scrambled to compete to win business at all costs, insiders say.

“The industry works in cycles,” says Catlin. “Broadly speaking, when you’re in a hard cycle [with prices increasing], contracts are tighter and then the market softens so they loosen up. There’s always a price to pay for loosening up, and it’s often an unintended price.”

Insurers are to blame for the appalling quality of policy wordings, says Bruce Hepburn, chief executive of Mactavish, which advises businesses purchasing insurance. Hospitality

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Takara Bio’s saliva-based coronavirus test to allow samples taken at home

TOKYO — Takara Bio will release a coronavirus test in Japan as early as this month that uses saliva, enabling samples to be taken from home in what could be a major step toward increased testing and improved health care worker safety.

Current tests require mucus from the nose and throat be collected by trained healthcare workers for PCR testing. The ease of the new test will be useful when gathering samples from millions of people.

The Health Ministry is expected to give its approval soon. Takara Bio is expected to release the first saliva-based test reagent in Japan. It 

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Coronavirus pandemic pushes US and China into new Cold War

TOKYO — While the U.S.-China relationship has become more toxic than ever since their dramatic rapprochement in the 1970s, the two have so far managed to avert a bigger blowup but the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the possibility for a further deterioration in ties.

Some had last year referred to increasingly frosty U.S.-China ties as a new Cold War, but that is an inaccurate description.

The broader context of U.S.-China relations is quite different from the geopolitical landscape during the Cold War between Washington and Moscow over four decades ago. Two key factors provided effective buffers against an intensifying of

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Can M&S fashion a future after the lockdown?

Insiders say he does not want to go back to the “old system”, whereby only 20pc of its clothes are sold online and the website is a peripheral part of the business. Norman aims to weave M&S’s fashion website into the fabric of the company, resembling the workings of online-only rivals Asos and Boohoo. It plans to use its physical stores more to ship out orders.

Clive Black, an analyst at house broker Shore Capital, says: “They have had a lot to handle in terms of keeping the ship steered through these troubled waters, but they have also not wasted

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