Day: May 5, 2020

Japan promises free Avigan to Iran and 40 countries

TOKYO — Japan will provide flu drug and potential coronavirus treatment Avigan free of charge to Iran, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told Iranian President Hassan Rouhani by phone Tuesday.

Iran had requested the meeting to discuss the countries’ response to the new coronavirus. The rare telephone conversation marked Abe and Rouhani’s first time speaking since their December summit here.

The Japanese government will start sending Avigan to more than 40 countries fighting COVID-19, including Indonesia, the Netherlands and Turkey, after the end of its Golden Week holidays this week. The shipments will be made through the United Nations Office for

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Food-sharing services come to rescue eateries in Japan

TOKYO — With more people staying home to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, restaurants, grocery stores and farms selling to tourists are all struggling with unsold items.

This presents an opportunity for food-sharing services, which connect customers with sellers, who do not want to see their goods go to waste. For consumers, the services offer not just cheaper prices but a way to cut down on food waste while supporting their favorite shops.

“Thank you for the rescue,” said the owner of Fukudora Morishitaten, Japanese-style pastry shop in Tokyo’s Koto Ward, on an early-April evening, handing over a

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The cost of saving lives in this lockdown is too high

How do you put a cost on a life? It’s often said that human life is priceless, but that of course is a nonsense. Insurers and actuaries weigh it in their scales every day and now Boris Johnson has the biggest call for any prime minister to make outside of a war: the trade-off between “health and wealth” as he plots a path out of lockdown.

Politicians are deeply uncomfortable discussing such issues in public for fear of being portrayed as callous. Behind every cold statistic in the mounting Covid-19 death toll is, after all, an individual personal tragedy. But

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Trade deal promises falter as US exports to China fall 15%

WASHINGTON — American exports of goods to China dropped 14.7% on the year for the January-March quarter, as the coronavirus pandemic batters the global economy, raising the specter of Beijing unable to fulfill purchases promised under an initial trade deal.

The U.S. shipped $23 billion in goods to China during the first quarter on a census basis, compared with $27 billion a year earlier, official trade data published Tuesday shows.

U.S. imports from China dropped 30.1%, with overall trade between the two countries falling 27.2%.

China is supposed to buy $194 billion in U.S. goods during 2020, an 82% increase,

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