Day: July 4, 2020

Thousands of shielding workers to be forced out of jobs if furlough scheme is not extended

All employers with more than five staff are required to produce written risk assessments, showing how they are protecting staff from Covid-19. However research by the TUC revealed that more than a third of people returning to work have not been shown any risk assessment by their employer. 

Recent data from Public Health England showing a rise in Covid-19 infections in workplaces suggests that even when risk assessments may have been completed, they are not always being acted on. 

The TUC is calling on the Government to extend the furlough scheme so that vulnerable workers are not forced to quit

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Why has the UK invested $500m in OneWeb’s satellites?

Officials at the UK Space Agency told the Government that investing in OneWeb to build a rival to the Galileo system presents major difficulties because its low-earth-orbit satellites may be unable to provide accurate location signals.

Low-earth satellites similar to OneWeb’s mean navigation signals “should be considered not viable”, according to a memo seen by The Telegraph. They could be inaccurate, would require hundreds of satellites and could be more susceptible to interference from jamming technology and anti-satellite weapons, experts warned.

Could buying OneWeb reduce the UK’s reliance on Huawei?

Using OneWeb to beam 5G signals from the atmosphere could

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