Day: June 2, 2020

Japanese banks to link e-money with popular Suica transit card

TOKYO — Japan’s three megabanks look to link their digital currencies to East Japan Railway’s popular Suica smart transit card, hoping to expand their customer bases by improving convenience.

Mizuho Financial Group unit Mizuho Bank last year rolled out its J-Coin Pay platform, which can be used for money transfers and cashless payments, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is reworking plans for its MUFG Coin digital currency. But the banks lag behind startups that jumped on the trend earlier, such as SoftBank Group unit PayPay.

JR East has issued roughly 80 million Suica cards so far, targeting train riders. But

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China is not strong enough to pull off its bid for world dominance

The security law covers “subversion, terrorism, splittism, and interference by foreign countries or foreign influences”, the same categories that are routinely used within mainland China to crush the slightest flicker of civil dissent. Apologists claiming that this is a minor breach of Hong Kong’s autonomy – and this seems to include the EU’s foreign policy chief – are really saying that nothing should stand in the way of making money. 

Hong Kong’s success is built on the rule of law and an independent judiciary, but that is precisely what the Communist leadership cannot abide. They are incensed that just 60

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Singapore weighs early election after coronavirus ‘circuit breaker’

SINGAPORE — Singapore on Tuesday emerged from its coronavirus shutdown and turned its attention to the timing of the next general election, as politicians and pundits drop hints that polls are near.

After about two months of “circuit breaker” restrictions — with some easing along the way — the city-state has moved into a phased reopening period, allowing schools and many businesses to resume. This is fueling speculation that the government will soon call the election, which must be held sometime before April 2021.

The latest sign that a vote is imminent came last week, when Deputy Prime Minister and

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Pubs need two metre rule watered down to survive

Major pub companies are more circumspect. “No-one wants to put their head above the parapet,” says one industry insider. “There is a growing consensus among MPs that social distancing could be relaxed to 1.5 metres or 1 metre. But there is huge nervousness [within Government] that until they get the guidance from Sage, they won’t budge.”

Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark, the former business secretary who now chairs the Commons science committee, supports the call for change. 

“The difference between 2 metres and 1.5 metres may seem small but it can be the difference between people being able to go

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