Day: June 21, 2020

‘A lot of sad things happened at the castle, it almost needed exorcising’

The couple have enjoyed having “the immediate grounds to ourselves, and watching our beautiful rhododendron beds come into flower”. They are keen to welcome visitors to the house again as soon as possible. “We have so much space to make things safe for our guests, and the castle really is at its best when it’s busy with people enjoying the comfort of our home,” he adds.

Sir Jack is still involved in the running of both house and estate. “I’ve got a very good general manager … the three of us run it on a day-to-day basis, and my wife

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Britain is no longer a dividend champion. Where is best for income now?

Britain’s high-yield stocks have attracted many investors desperate for income, but their importance is waning. 

In 2009, £1 in every £10 paid in dividends globally came from British companies. Last year it was down to £1 in £13 as firms in other areas such as Asia started to pay out more.

The disparity is likely only to worsen as the world returns to some form of normality following the Covid-19 pandemic. British firms have been forced to cut their dividends far further than their counterparts elsewhere. Where can investors turn?

Despite a low overall dividend yield, American companies pay the

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‘I borrowed a jeweller’s tiara for Elton John’s party’

Do you use cash, debit cards or credit cards?

Sometimes cash, but these days mainly credit cards. It’s not in my nature to go into debt so I pay the account off every month so it doesn’t cost me any more. I only use my credit card if I know I’ve got the money to pay it off with.

I use it to get air miles on my AmEx and every now and then you get a free companion voucher, where you pay the taxes on your flight but get the flight free. My youngest daughter is in Australia so

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The UK’s jobs nightmare is only just beginning

The impact of this hidden unemployment surge varies not just between the private and public sectors but across different places, of course, with already deprived areas – including inner-cities and former industrial heartlands – suffering most.

There are now at least 50 claimant count unemployed chasing each job in places including Bolsover, Pendle, Rhondda, Telford, North Lanarkshire and the London borough of Barking and Dagenham, according to new research from the Institute for Employment Studies. The unemployed-to-vacancy ratio is, meanwhile, at most three to one in more prosperous localities, including Warwick, Lewes, Midlothian, Chichester and Stafford.

New government data shows

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