Day: June 8, 2020

Hospitals Got Bailouts and Furloughed Thousands While Paying C.E.O.s Millions

HCA Healthcare is one of the world’s wealthiest hospital chains. It earned more than $7 billion in profits over the past two years. It is worth $36 billion. It paid its chief executive $26 million in 2019.

But as the coronavirus swept the country, employees at HCA repeatedly complained that the company was not providing adequate protective gear to nurses, medical technicians and cleaning staff. Last month, HCA executives warned that they would lay off thousands of nurses if they didn’t agree to wage freezes and other concessions.

A few weeks earlier, HCA had received about $1 billion in bailout

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‘Corporate America Has Failed Black America’

Companies can use their clout to promote diversity in other creative ways, as well. Earlier this year, Goldman Sachs said it wouldn’t take a company public if it didn’t have at least one woman or minority on its board.

Ms. Hobson was among those who called for companies to tie executive pay to diversity metrics. A few companies, including Microsoft, Intel and Johnson & Johnson have gone that route, but they remain the rare exceptions.

While board seats are no replacement for executive roles, black executives said change starts at the top. “If you do not have blacks on your

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Coca-Cola eyes streaming, real-time content production in marketing restart

Dive Brief:

  • Coca-Cola will restart its marketing efforts soon after pressing pause during coronavirus lockdowns, according to a WARC report.
  • The brand plans for a new focus on agility and flexibility as it — and consumers — emerges from the pandemic. Real-time content production and streaming will also get a bigger focus in the beverage giant’s marketing plans in the months ahead, when Coca-Cola expects to adjust spending based on the current moment, per WARC.
  • The company had kept up its social engagement during lockdown but had pulled other forms of advertising during the pause. “The decision to be
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Oil’s ‘Sun King’ Lord Browne shines a light on Britain’s coronavirus response

Engineering Covid comeback

At heart, he remains first and foremost an engineer with a passion for science and technology and the role it can play in society.

Browne believes that drive to innovate is more important than ever in the fight against Covid-19, a pandemic that has now killed 380,000 people globally, and as Britain and other nations look to rebuild after a recession that has put millions of people out of work.

It’s no coincidence that the nations that marshalled the strongest response to the virus have been those with the best engineering pedigree, he claims.

“Look at Germany,”

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