Day: June 17, 2020

South Korea’s SK mass-produces Japan-grade etching gas

SEOUL — South Korea’s SK Materials has begun mass production of a crucial chipmaking gas at a purity level nearly on par with Japanese-made offerings subject to export restrictions by Tokyo, the company said Wednesday.

A plant in the South Korean city of Yeongju will produce 15 tons of etching gas per year. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix reportedly will procure the gas for their semiconductor businesses.

This places South Korea a step closer to creating a chipmaking supply chain largely independent of Japan. Seoul aims to have homemade etching gas meet 70% of demand from domestic chipmakers by 2023.

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France wants its tourists back

French companies face similar problems, but Znaty suggests that tax cuts could help mobilise private money for investment. “Enormous funds available in banks and insurance companies could be invested in companies. The state could guarantee these investments so private investors would know that they couldn’t lose, say, more than 20pc of their capital,” he says.

“Fifty million tourists come to Paris each year, but this year they won’t come – and neither will business travellers.”  

This is a huge problem for France, where tourism and travel accounts for more than 7pc of GDP.

French tourism minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne says four

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Coronavirus means women won’t earn as much as men for an extra 30 years

Women may have to wait almost a century until they earn the same as men as Covid-19 wreaks havoc with careers and drives earnings prospects dramatically off course, setting women back 30 years.

Before coronavirus the Fawcett Society, a women’s charity, calculated that it would take 60 years to close Britain’s gender pay gap – the difference between average male and female earnings. However, it said the crisis and subsequent economic fallout could delay this by three decades, meaning women might not achieve pay parity until the year 2110.

Thousands of working mothers have had to take unpaid leave or

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Pandemic’s hit to ad spending could be less severe than Great Recession, GroupM says

Dive Brief:

  • Excluding political advertising, U.S. ad spending could drop 13% this year, as the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic and other societal pressures reverberate, GroupM’s Global President of Business Intelligence Brian Wieser wrote in a mid-year forecast Tuesday. That decline could be just 8% when accounting for political advertising, which is expected to “massively” expand amid a contested presidential race.
  • While the slide in ad spending is likely to be steep in either case, it would be less severe than the 16% plunge recorded amid the 2009 financial crisis, even though economic conditions on the basis of
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